Holiday Videos for Your Business

Holiday Video Ideas for Your Business

The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time for your business to express care to your clients, customers and employees. Holiday videos are an exceptional way to do this. They can make someone smile, get emotional, or simply remind your customers of the great memories you’ve shared over the year. Videos are also more memorable than a picture or message and leave a more lasting impression.

By creating a branded holiday video for your business, you can:

  • Connect with your customers without being “salesy.” Generally, people are more open towards holiday greetings from companies because they don’t have a sales intent.
  • Launch your video marketing strategy. If you haven’t implemented video into your marketing strategy yet, it can be difficult to find an appropriate topic for your first campaign. The holidays are widely celebrated and are a good excuse to create your first “top of funnel” video.
  • Put a face to the company. Your customers and partners love when they know who they’re working with. Videos can show them who is behind the curtains, make your brand more relatable, and evoke trust with your customers.
  • Boost your PR. A single memorable holiday video can make a lasting impression, be shared across the internet, and even go viral.
  • Build employee morale. Creating an internal holiday video can remind your team of your business’ achievements and their contributions, making them feel more valued as a team member and proud to work for you. As a team building exercise and to spread the holiday spirit, you can even encourage employees to take part in producing the video themselves.

Year in Review 

What better way to finish off the year than to make a video highlighting your company’s greatest achievements from the past year? Did you reach an important milestone? Overcome a tough challenge? These are all good topics to talk about. A Year in Review video demonstrates your business’ growth and agility, inspires your audience and stakeholders, and showcases your culture, individual team members, and brand story. Just make sure it’s not too overly promotional.

Use animation and pictures to show statistics and growth. Include some b-roll footage to give viewers a new perspective on your company and more “insider” insight into the day-to-day operations of your company and its culture.

Holiday Sales Promotions

The holiday season is extremely busy for businesses as they compete to offer the best discounts and promotions to overlapping audiences. Creating a holiday-themed video that highlights your best deals is a great way to stand out and catch the attention of your target consumers. This is an especially effective method if you are a B2C business and sell items directly to consumers, like electronics.

Social Responsibility 

Is your business planning on donating to (or volunteering at) your local food bank or charity? Video is an effective way to share this story. However, make sure you focus on the story of those you’re trying to help – not your company. This isn’t an opportunity for self-promotion, but rather, brand recognition in a more serious and responsible way.

Christmas Gift Ideas 

We all struggle with it – coming up with creative and meaningful gift ideas for our loved ones every year. Help your customers avoid the last-minute panicked shopping by creating videos that share your ideas for creative and budget-friendly Christmas gifts. Use this opportunity to include a couple of your best-selling products on the list, too. Just make sure that you include a variety of gifts and not just products that you offer, so you don’t come across as overly promotional or ingenuine.

Thank You Video

Put a spin on the classic Christmas card by making a video thanking your loyal customers, vendors, partners, and anyone else who is crucial to the success of your business. You want to make them feel appreciated and express gratitude for them placing their trust in your business. Have your employees and even C-suite executives deliver personalized, heart-felt thank you messages to the camera.

Animated Video 

Are your employees too shy to be in front of the camera? An animated video is a fantastic way to get your holiday message out to your audience without having to show your employees. This is also great if you want to showcase some statistics or graphics or create a holiday-themed character or setting. The sky’s the limit when it comes to animated video.


Countdown to Christmas

Instead of creating a one-time holiday video, why not create a whole series of them? A popular marketing strategy for the end of the year is creating different variations of “countdowns” to Christmas. You could create a series of holiday-themed videos, including sharing useful hacks and tips for gifts, and talking about the products or services you’re aiming to launch in the upcoming year. You can also integrate these videos with a social media campaign – upload the videos to your website or YouTube channel, and drive traffic to them through your social media platforms. Learn more about where else you can share your videos here.

Office Decoration Video 

The holiday season is all about people. Create a holiday e-card that shows off the personality of your team without requiring a script or new location. All you need is a camera and your team decorating the office while having fun. Extra points if they’re wearing Christmas sweaters and hats or funny costumes.

Closing Credits

Spread cheer this holiday season (something that is especially needed today) and get started on creating some holiday videos to make your customers, team members and stakeholders smile. This article only touches upon a handful of video ideas that your business, small or large, can explore. Which video ideas caught your eye?

Need a helping hand in producing your holiday video? Whatever you decide on, you’ve come to the right place! At Sunken Dreams Productions we will work with you to cover your pre-production, production and post-production needs. Get started today to get your video out in time for the holidays.

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